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Full name

Elizabeth Romo








  •   Feature Character Animation

  • Art Literacy; Classical and Computer Animation & 3D Computer Animation and Production Diploma
    Max the Mutt Animation School
    2005 – May 2009
  • Watercolor and Oil painting Diploma
    Hellenic Cultural Center, Mexico City, Mexico
    2001 – 2002
  • Graphic Design Bachelor
    La Salle University, Mexico City, Mexico
    1997 – 2002

Technical Skills
Software: Maya, Flash, Toon Boom, Photoshop, Storyboard Pro, Final Cut, Corel Draw.
Traditional mediums: Pastel, Gouache, Watercolor and Oil painting.

Relevant Experience:
• Freelance design and animation
o Various Clients. January 2011 to present.
-Development of concept art, character design, illustration and animation for various clients.

• Classical Animation
o Los Hijos de su Madre SA, Mexico City, Mexico. August 2010 December 2010.
-Animator, Assistant animator, key clean up and in-betweener for the animated feature “Juan Escopeta”.
o White Knight Creative Productions, Mexico City, Mexico. 2009-August 2010
-Assistant animator, key clean up and in-betweener for the animated feature “Heroes
Verdaderos – Episodio II: La Independencia”
o Animex 2D, Mexico City, Mexico. 2005
-Character animator for the series of shorts “Angelo y Debolo”
-Assistant animator and in-betweener for the animated TV series “Roncho, The bad luck dog” and for feature "Maya, La primer gran historia”

• Flash Animator
o Anima Estudios, Mexico City, Mexico. 2003 – 2005
-Character Animator for the feature "Imaginum”
-Character and Prop animator for the feature "Magos y Gigantes”
-Assistant Animator for the feature "Agente 00-P2”

• Internships (Concurrent with Education)
o Yowza Animation, Toronto, ON. Summer 2008
-Clean up, set up, rigged and animated characters in Toon Boom’s Harmony.
o Big Studios, Toronto, ON. Summer 2007
-Character Animator for tests on flash animation series
-Assistant in Character development Concept art and character design in a project for
a TV series for kids.
o Elliott Animation, Toronto, ON. Summer 2006
-Coloring, breaking and labeling characters and props in Flash and animation.

Additional Experience (Concurrent with Education)

• System Operator and Translator
FinMex, Toronto ON. 2008-2009
-Bilingual costumer service.
-Assisting customers with general questions about bank accounts, money transfers, opening an
account, bill payments and some general inquiries about living in Canada.
• Industrial Designer Assistant
PRUMSA, Mexico City, Mexico. 2001 – 2002
-Helped to design dies to cut, shape and form different materials
-Used creativity to solve mechanical problems in design
-Given feedback on my adaptability to the medium and for being a quick learner.
• Production Assistant
PRUMSA, Mexico City, Mexico. 2001 – 2002
-Coordinated and supervised about 12 workers
Managed problems and conflicts using common sense